Keter Manor Plastic Garden Shed 4x6s 6ft X 4ft, Outdoor Garden Storage Durable

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  The Manor 4x6 has a wood look texture that does not dent due to its durable double wall design. Complete with a floor panel and built in ventilation and fixed window, you can protect your items against mud and rain water whilst keeping them dry. With metal hinges to provide stability and the lockable door for added security the 4x6 is the perfect shed to fit in narrow spaces or between your house and fence. Weather resistant and easy to assemble using houselhold tools. External Dimensions: W: 130cm D:192cm H:198cm. This shed comes complete with a floor. We strongly recommend the shed ...

Keter Grande Shed Store Garden Storage Bike Wheelie Bin Outdoor Xl Size Duotech

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   The Grande-Store is a state-of-the-art storage solution that combines rustic style and durability. Made with ultra-rugged DUOTECH walls, it will withstand any weather conditions and will maintain its appearance intact without requiring maintenance. The walls are also paintable, so you can customize the unit to be uniquely yours. This shed offers the perfect storage solution for two 360L/96 gal. Trash cans, two adult and two childrens bikes, or gardening tools. This storage unit also comes with a sloping threshold, locking system, built-in ventilation and adjustable brackets to ...

Keter Plastic Garden Storage Shed 8ft X 11ft With Windows 10 Year Guarantee New

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   Keter Plastic Garden Storage Shed 8ft x 11ft w/ Windows 10 Year Guarantee NEW. Wide double entry doors for easy access and storage of larger items. Durable and robust polypropylene construction with steel reinforcement. Heavy duty floor to keep out rain and unwanted pests. Wood effect finish for an attractive look in the garden. Padlock hasp so you can keep everything under lock and key (padlock not included). The Keter Factor 8ft x 11ft Shed is ideal for your general garden storage requirements. This sturdy shed features wide double-entry doors and a heavy duty floor for easy ...

Keter Oakland Shed Garden Storage 7.5ft X 7, 7.5ft X 9, 7.5ft X 11, 11.5ft X 7

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  Keter Oakland Outdoor Storage Shed in a range of 4 sizes. 7.5ft x 7, 7.5ft x 9, 7.5ft x 11, 11.5ft x 7. The extra strong Keter Oakland Sheds offer a rustic look with a rugged feel. They utilise an innovative resin talc compound which combines a traditional wood-effect finish with the added feature of being the first plastic shed that can be painted with traditional paints enabling you to create your own look in your outdoor space. This robust shed features a steel reinforced structure for enhanced stability, plus a heavy duty floor which is designed to support ride-on mowers and other ...

Keter Factor 8 X 6 Plastic Garden Shed/garage Storage Free Delivery

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   8 X 6 PLASTIC GARDEN SHED. Stylish window for natural light and added visibility. Easy assembly with common household tools. Heavy duty floor panel included. Keter Plastic's outdoor plastic sheds provide a variety of solutions for all of your home and garden storage needs. Ideal for storing everything from garden tools to bicycles. Outdoor plastic sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-resistant structure. There is no need for maintenance, and your stored items will remain dry and secure in a plastic shed. The item "Keter Factor 8 x 6 ...


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